Who We Are

Citizens for Coeur d'Alene Public Schools is a group of local community members who value the continued success of the Coeur d'Alene School District through the passing of local bonds and levies.

Ready for School

March 9th, 2021 Cd'A School Levy

What a YES vote means for our kids and our community

Teacher and Kids in Library

Health, Safety, and Wellness

The levy funds school resource officers as well as safety and security measures on our high school campuses. Additionally, the levy funds school nurses, mental health programs, and resources and programs that support families. These services are crucial to the health of our community NOW MORE THAN EVER.

Student Enrichment

A Yes vote on March 9th supports skilled trade programs for students, and pathways for trade careers. Athletics, music, art, student technology & devices, after school clubs are also funded with this levy. Our children depend on this levy for their enrichment, and preparation for workforce readiness, which makes a YES vote ESSENTIAL.

Children in the Garden
Kids with Backpacks

Staff Development

Funding for teacher's professional development and recruitment of quality teachers is provided for with the levy. With the passing of the levy, teachers also can continue to provide classroom materials and teaching assistants to our children. Maintenance and upkeep of buildings and buses is also included in this levy.

How it Works

The 2021 Cd'A School District levy RENEWS our local existing levy. This 2-year levy funds educational services not paid for by our state, which is almost 25 percent of our district's budget. The levy provides $20 million of sustained funding (not increased) for our local schools. Voting YES supports ESSENTIAL programs and services for our children.

High Fives

We need your support to pass this levy!